Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thankful 30: Post 14 - Bath Love

If you've ever seen a baby eat spaghetti, you know first hand the horror. It becomes a feat of talent to get them from high chair to tub without getting it on you or the rest of the house. Then comes the gauntlet of washing. I am thrilled to the teeth (such an odd phrase) that Keira loves baths. Granted, she isn't thrilled with my scrubbing her but I find if I give her the wash cloth, she goes most of the cleaning herself while she plays. I can also usually sneak in and get a random arm or leg while she is otherwise occupied with her mass amount of bath toys. From duckies to turtles, fishes and a whale, even a boat and a book.

I am thankful that she loves her baths and it makes it so easy to get her cleaned up.

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