Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful 30: Post 11 - Home

I love my home. It is where I sleep, wake, eat, play, love, relax and live. It is where my husband is. It is where my daughter is. It is that warm feeling that I have inside me knowing that this is where I belong.

We have a Cape Cod style home at the end of a cup-de-sac. It a great location because there are very few cars passing through and Keira will be able to play without me worrying overmuch. We have a nice yard that we are in the process of redoing. Keira and I have even been getting ready to plant flowers. We've been weeding between the front shrubs & trees. Well, I've been weeding.

Our kitchen window is in the perfect spot to let in any morning sun, making any beautiful day start out right. Our front door let's in wonderful spring breezes while remaining shaded by two big gorgeous evergreens. I have to say, in the last year or so, I've really taken to yard work. I even like mowing the grass.

My favorite thing to do has been to take my first cup of coffee onto our patio to enjoy with the morning birdsong. I don't think I'll be able to do that this year with Keira running all over, but soon enough, I'm sure she'll enjoy it with me.

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