Sunday, March 4, 2012

 And here they are! The photos from Keira's 1st birthday party. Well, the ones from my camera anyway (though I didn't take all of them, obviously, since I'm in some). Again, I would like to thank all the people who were generous with themselves and their time and helped to make it such a great time. Enjoy!

Her photo banner, made by yours truly and a Cricut machine. LOVE that thing. Seriously.

My mom made her snowflake name banner.

And here's the main room all decorated.

The hot chocolate bar

Dishes & silverware wrapper in a napkin

And leave it to me, I totally forget about decorating her chair. A piece of tissue paper, tape and scissors and Voila!

The desserts: cupcakes, brownies & chocolate covered pretzels.

 Mason jars candles and M&Ms
And let the party begin!
The birthday girl in her custom made (Thanks again, Erin!) outfit.
Time to eat!
We had kielbasa, chicken wings, a sweet potato chili bar, Italian wedding soup, deli platter and more.
Another Canon girl. :)

She tried to run off with the shiny one.

Memere made Keira a tag pillow. I think she liked it. Total understatement.

On to the cake.

 Daddy helped.


  1. LOVE these!! Happy Birthday again Keira!

  2. So so so cute!! Happy Birthday, Keira! And I love your haircut too :)