Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Butterfly Dress

Yeah, I'm a bit nuts. Even I can't believe I managed to finish this in one day. Keira just happened to be content in wreaking havoc on the room and I was able to make the bias and get it all stitched up.

In my defense, it's not exactly a huge item nor it it elaborate. I even ended up embellishing it since I had extra bias and fabric.

 I used a tutorial for the basics but ended up doing things a bit differently. I started by making a pattern using a dress we had. Size 24 months so she'll grow into it.

 Cut the fabric using the pattern.

Pin the sides together (inside out) & stitch.

Retrieve my measuring tape. Again.

Punish the thief accordingly. (I didn't push her into the stool. She pulled it towards her)

I had the perfect complimentary color so I ended up making my own bias tape. (Let me know if anyone is interested on a tutorial on a super easy way to make it. All you need are pins & an iron. Well, and fabric.)

My bias tape for both sleeves, neckline & bottom hem.

Stitch the hem on the sleeves.

Pin, then stitch bias tape on armholes of dress.

Add a gathering stitch to the neckline (front & back). Pin sleeves to armholes & stitch

I would like to point out that you should always double check your setting when working with different stitches. Or this may happen. Yeah, that was fun to undo.

 Pin & stitch bias tape to bottom hem.

Add gathering stitches to sleeves. Adjust to how you like. Pin & stitch bias tape to neckline.

Now comes the fun part. I don't like buttons on children's clothes. Maybe because Keira barely holds still long enough for me to fasten a snap let alone buttons. Since I wanted an opening, I added a bit of bias tape (I had made more than I needed), 2 snaps and Voila! Yes, I know the stitching is crooked.

Then I decided to embellish a little. I had extra fabric and another small piece of bias and decided to make a pocket.

And I added some buttons strictly for decoration.

 Ta-Da! One Butterfly Dress complete. Or I suppose I should say, one Froggy Dress complete.

 And now for the modeling. (sorry about the window) It ended up longer than I planned since I added extra for the hem but them went with bias tape instead. Still adorable and she'll be able to wear it longer.

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