Friday, March 23, 2012

Closing out the week

Thursday we went to Grandma's house where Keira & Abby got to play outside. Of course, we were with them. Unfortunately, the good pics are on my mom's camera. This was the only one I took on my phone.

And because I love when she sleeps like this, which is often enough.

This afternoon was spent trimming the shrubs in front of our house and cleaning out underneath them. Well, I did anyway. Keira just got dirty throwing the grass, moss & leaves back out of the wheelbarrow.

Which explained her need for a bath. She looks so sweet, doesn't she?

Looks are so deceiving.

Another playdate with MJ

Wednesday came and with it, another playdate with MJ.

Look at this little cutie.

At least she shares, right?

More hugs

To be honest, I was pretty surprised at least one of them didn't climb into the toybox.

Since it was so nice out, we ventured outside. Please excuse my shadow.

Such great weather

These pictures are from Tuesday. We played in the backyard and Keira loves slides. She figured out that she could push one leg forward and it would allow her to slide down.  She still doesn't understand that she can't go up the front of the slide though.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Butterfly Dress

Yeah, I'm a bit nuts. Even I can't believe I managed to finish this in one day. Keira just happened to be content in wreaking havoc on the room and I was able to make the bias and get it all stitched up.

In my defense, it's not exactly a huge item nor it it elaborate. I even ended up embellishing it since I had extra bias and fabric.

 I used a tutorial for the basics but ended up doing things a bit differently. I started by making a pattern using a dress we had. Size 24 months so she'll grow into it.

 Cut the fabric using the pattern.

Pin the sides together (inside out) & stitch.

Retrieve my measuring tape. Again.

Punish the thief accordingly. (I didn't push her into the stool. She pulled it towards her)

I had the perfect complimentary color so I ended up making my own bias tape. (Let me know if anyone is interested on a tutorial on a super easy way to make it. All you need are pins & an iron. Well, and fabric.)

My bias tape for both sleeves, neckline & bottom hem.

Stitch the hem on the sleeves.

Pin, then stitch bias tape on armholes of dress.

Add a gathering stitch to the neckline (front & back). Pin sleeves to armholes & stitch

I would like to point out that you should always double check your setting when working with different stitches. Or this may happen. Yeah, that was fun to undo.

 Pin & stitch bias tape to bottom hem.

Add gathering stitches to sleeves. Adjust to how you like. Pin & stitch bias tape to neckline.

Now comes the fun part. I don't like buttons on children's clothes. Maybe because Keira barely holds still long enough for me to fasten a snap let alone buttons. Since I wanted an opening, I added a bit of bias tape (I had made more than I needed), 2 snaps and Voila! Yes, I know the stitching is crooked.

Then I decided to embellish a little. I had extra fabric and another small piece of bias and decided to make a pocket.

And I added some buttons strictly for decoration.

 Ta-Da! One Butterfly Dress complete. Or I suppose I should say, one Froggy Dress complete.

 And now for the modeling. (sorry about the window) It ended up longer than I planned since I added extra for the hem but them went with bias tape instead. Still adorable and she'll be able to wear it longer.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Toddlerhood: Round 1

To say Keira has gotten into mischief as an infant is a heck of an understatement. Feel free to peruse the archives if you haven't seen her escapades. It seems she has every intention of keeping me on my toes well into toddlerhood.

This is our stove. Sans knobs. Keira can not only reach them, but turn them. Such a cute little fire hazard, isn't she?

She can also reach the kitchen drawers. Luckily, not enough to take things out. Yet. But she is tall enough to put things in.

She can reach the tabletops quite easily.

 She can also take the garbage lid off.

 Though she hasn't gotten the concept of recycling just yet (she threw her water bottle away).

And while I washed the kitchen floor, she tried to scale the gate.

Since that didn't work, she decided on a different goal.

 I'll admit it, it amused me when she turned the vacuum on and scared herself. Not that she was scared, but because she told that vacuum off for it (note the pointed finger. A moment before, she was waving it at the vacuum).

And the real fun, as if those weren't enough, she can now reach door knobs.

Yep, just what I needed.

This place is gonna start looking like Alcatraz.