Friday, February 3, 2012

Onesies & Bow Ties Tutorial

Due to popular demand ;), I am posting a tutorial to how I made the onesies and bow-ties.

Step 1. Get your onesies and felt (or whatever you are making the bow ties from) Cut the felt to the size you like. I went with 7 by 1.5 inches (I think). Try folding it up to make sure you like it. I ended up trimming it down twice before I had the size I liked.

Step 2. Make your bow-ties. I used this tutorial. It's not for bow-ties specifically, but it worked just the same. I just altered it a little bit. :) I omitted the back piece of felt. Folded the sides in though I trimmed the edge a little so it wouldn't stick out (sorry, the brown was the only one I didn't have completed at the time of pics). Then a dab of glue in the center and folded in half. Then I put another dab of glue on the back and folded in back again and again on the other side. (If you would rather make fabric ones, here's a tutorial for that.)

 Then take the smaller piece. I think it was a half inch wide and 2 inches long. The length didn't really matter because I ended up trimming it down based on the bow. Better to be a little long rather than too short. Fasten the snap, whether it's a sew-on or press. I had sew-on ones. If I make them again, I may try the press ones. Line up the snap so that it lines up in the right place on the back. Put a dab of glue on the middle of the front and start to wrap it around. Let the snap fall away from the back and bring the other end up & glue. Trim if necessary. You'll then bring the snap back up and glue that down.

Step 3: The Onesies. Lay your bow ties on the onesie to find the best place for the snap. Then fasten.

Step 4: Attach your bow-tie to your onesie.

Step 5: AW the cuteness.

That's it. So simple. So versatile. So adorable.

I have to add: The best thing? As your little boy gets bigger just sew a snap onto a white shirt and snap on the bow tie. Use them for years!

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial! I have felt on hand that you reminded me of! This is my project for the week :)