Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Darn you Pinterest!!

I have realized that not only an I horribly addicted to Pinterest, but now I am actually doing my pins. Yay!!


Like I have time...

Oh well. It relaxing me to do crafts and so I will continue to enjoy my "Me Time" by making things.

I'm hoarding the photos of the things I've made for Keira's birthday party until after the actual party. I want to do them the justice of looking good where they belong. Basically, a banner looks a lot better strung on a wall than laying on a table in pieces.

Instead, I'm going to show a project I will be working on in the near future. I just found out today that a friend who is pregnant will be having a boy! She already has a little girl so they already have a lot of the necessaries. Since she is not on the internet much at all and I'm sure doesn't read my blog, I have no fear of her seeing this.

How cute is that!! For anyone not crafty, someone is selling it on Etsy. I'm cheap so I'm making it myself. I bought 4 onesies at Walmart for a little more than $2 a piece. Why so many? Because I got a 0-3m, 3-6m and two 6-9m's. I got two 6-9m's because the holidays will be upon us when her little boy will be around 6 months (who knows how big he'll be) but it is always nice to have a spare. Let's face it, white and a baby? We all know how that goes.

Also, they grow so fast. I hated when Keira would grow out of my favorite onesie of that size. By giving her the range, she can use it when she needs to. I was so disappointed when I realized that when we finally had somewhere to go in a nice dress, she had outgrown it.

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