Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Since the last post...

This past weekend we went to great-grandma's for some party planning. Auntie Melanie & Abby came by as well. Keira adores Abby. If Abby is doing something, Keira wants to get in on it. Even sitting on great-grandma's lap.

And we had spaghetti for lunch. I love when we have spaghetti for lunch. Mainly because I get to see this.

And NEWS OF THE DAY: She stands!! Ok, so she's been standing since last Thursday, about a half dozen times. The problem is that as soon as she realizes that she's standing, she sits. Makes getting a picture very difficult. Have no fear. I got it. I distracted her into clapping. I'm such an evil mommy :) But look how cute she is!

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