Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paper Flowers

Last night, a little while after Keira went to bed, I had an epiphany. I have determined that my favorite type of crafts are paper. Not that I don't like sewing or knitting, but lately, I seem to enjoy working with paper more.

Since I had gotten so much done during the day (including getting ink out of a pair of Keira's corduroys {I'm not going into details on that one}. FYI, rubbing alcohol, who knew?), I decided to have "me time" after I got Keira to bed. I opened Pinterest, found one I had been meaning to do and got down to work. I even did more than one. Go me!

The first one is an origami box. This is the tutorial I used. Some people make garlands with them, others pop them onto string lights. As Doug pointed out,  I'd be afraid of them bursting into flames. If you know my family, this is not a difficult feat.

At all.

We managed to make Bugles burst into flame.


I used an old book I had and cut a 4-ish inch square (it's not a big book). After all the folding, it was pretty small. See?

So I went into the recycle bin and used a store flyer, cut to a 10 inch square. I taped a strip of paper to the inside so I could hold it up as if it was strung. 10 inches was a bit big. I'm thinking about 6 inches would be a good size for string lights, 8 inches for a garland.

I also started a Japanese kusudama. It's actually a lot easier than I thought, though time consuming. Using this tutorial, I again used 4 inch squares and made one complete flower before calling it a night. I think it's really pretty and I like that there can be little variations.

This is what one petal (one 4-inch  paper square) looks like.

And this is what five taped together look like.

Now to do the other 55 petals.

.......I'll let you know when I manage to finish that.

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