Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It snowed last night. See?

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to take Keira outside in it. It's cold. (I know, bad mommy) Technically, it's not her first snow since we had a teeny bit on Christmas, but it was over and melted so fast that I'm not counting it.

I probably will. After I've had my coffee.

 Or two.

She's getting better with using her bowl. She had a few puffs as a snack and, amazingly, didn't try throwing the bowl. Of course, since both she and said bowl were already on the floor, I guess she figured there was no where left for it to go.

And reason #3 the bathroom door must stay shut. The second she realizes the door has opened, she crawls as fast as she can t o get in there. It's pretty comical actually. Well, it was until she found the flush handle.

I can always tell when someone forgot to close the door (cough, Doug, cough). The sound of a jiggling handle and running toilet thanks to rapid-fire attempts at flushing are hard to mistake.

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