Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Here we go again.

Barely lunchtime and already she's getting into mischief.

Last night, I decided to see if she'd climb the steps with me behind her instead of upstairs. Seeing as how she never did before, I wasn't sure if she would. Oh, she did. Without a problem. (Don't worry, I was more than close enough to catch her if she slipped.)

Of course, she was thrilled that I let her climb the stairs. I had gone up for something earlier and even though I was gone for little more than a minute, this is what I came down to. Good thing it's really secure. See those little fingers? They were shaking that gate pretty good. We should be getting the other ones in today or tomorrow and Doug should have them in before the weekend's out.

Keira is loving all her Christmas presents. She uses all of them pretty much every day. Though it did take a week or so for her to get the concept of the walker. She's got it now though.

Any remember her climbing into the toy box the other day? This is what she did while I put her laundry away.

While I was in her room, I finally got around to putting up the decals around her monogram.

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