Friday, January 13, 2012


I've haven't been doing as much as I should with my photography. Between all the usual housework, going paperless and planning Keira's first birthday party, I've let it get kind of sidetracked. But hey, I think all of us surviving the first year is pretty deserving of a party. And you know, it's gonna be pretty. :)

Anyway, I found this bow holder idea on Pinterest and since I have a ton of bows, I decided to go with it (with some help from my mom). And for being so simple, it works awesome. Check it out. I mounted it on the inside of the closet door with 3M adhesive tabs (of course).

I love being able to see all the bows that I have and they're not being crushed under each other. Now I need to figure out something for the headbands that go with them. This is what they look like currently.

Not bad considering they're just headbands, but I would like something a bit better. The 6-inch headbands that double as infant shirts will stay stacked since they are big enough.

 I did find a way to organize the necklaces & such. I've only got the beads on at the moment. I need to find hooks to hang the lei's and boa's, then those will be hung as well.

I've got the pettiskirts and tutu's all set, and the wigs are hung up on the other side as well. Not the neatest, but it works well.

And when it all gets put together,

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