Sunday, January 22, 2012

11 Months

Well, we've made it 11 months and we're all still alive. Whoo! One more month to go and Keira will be a year old and officially a toddler. How the time flies. Now if only she'd walk.

We've been spending a good amount of time at getting things done around the house. Mainly the office and my studio (finally). Doug moved out some furniture that was too heavy for me so now I have the entire room to spread out my nice new backdrops. Unfortunately, some of the stuff migrated to the office so now I have more to do in there, but it's at least not as bad as it once was. And no, I won't be sharing that picture until it's done. I'm saving it for a before and after post for full effect.

We've also been doing a bunch of stuff for Keira's party. Sorry, you'll have to wait until after arch 3rd to see those. I'm crafty like that. I hoard my ideas. Well, sorta. If you're not on Pinterest. Anyhoo, let's see what we have for pictures.

Keira is becoming a pro at giving kisses.

The other day, I dug this ball out and she is in love with it.

She's taken to sleeping on her belly on ocassion. I love that butt in the air.

On our way to Grandma's house (I think. Could have been anywhere, really)

I love this one. My mom took this picture. Yep, that's my crazy little beast screeching at her grandmother.

And how precious is this?

Baby hugs. It doesn't get any sweeter.

Auntie Heidi was having spaghetti for lunch. She just didn't know she was sharing.

And in true scavenger fashion, she moved on from Auntie's dinner to Abby's dessert.

True to her troublemaker name, she figured out how to turn the humidifier on and off (I really must start putting away our laundry after she goes to bed).

She also finally realized there is another cabinet in the bathroom....

 and a hamper...with a box to weigh down the lid.

She does love her spaghetti. And screeching. I can't wait for her to outgrow that. I really can't.

She's been doing more standing on her own....
and pointing.

 In fact, now she makes laps around her activity table.

Feel free to enjoy yet another of her many expressions: the arched eyebrow.

See that hair? It takes toast and oatmeal to get a lift that good. You have to be committed to looking good.

 One of my favorite moments. Asleep. It's pretty much the only time I can cuddle her.

I know those moments will become fewer and fewer as time goes on. Keira took a couple steps today. Only two. A few nights ago, she took one. Before long, she'll be running through the house and I'll have to tell her to knock it off because she sounds like a herd of elephants. Such fun awaits.

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