Monday, January 30, 2012

Paper boats

Last night, I spent some time chatting with friends and at one point in the conversation, my recent origami efforts were discussed and I was requested to make a friend aware when I actually made the origami boat that I had pinned. Of course, I happily agreed and told her I'd even make a blog post for it.

I told her to choose 2 from this page, just in case the first ended badly. I ended up doing both and they were equally easy, though I do recommend using a thinner paper than what I had used. I made it a bit difficult to fold certain ways because it was too thick. All in all, not too bad.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paper Flowers

Last night, a little while after Keira went to bed, I had an epiphany. I have determined that my favorite type of crafts are paper. Not that I don't like sewing or knitting, but lately, I seem to enjoy working with paper more.

Since I had gotten so much done during the day (including getting ink out of a pair of Keira's corduroys {I'm not going into details on that one}. FYI, rubbing alcohol, who knew?), I decided to have "me time" after I got Keira to bed. I opened Pinterest, found one I had been meaning to do and got down to work. I even did more than one. Go me!

The first one is an origami box. This is the tutorial I used. Some people make garlands with them, others pop them onto string lights. As Doug pointed out,  I'd be afraid of them bursting into flames. If you know my family, this is not a difficult feat.

At all.

We managed to make Bugles burst into flame.


I used an old book I had and cut a 4-ish inch square (it's not a big book). After all the folding, it was pretty small. See?

So I went into the recycle bin and used a store flyer, cut to a 10 inch square. I taped a strip of paper to the inside so I could hold it up as if it was strung. 10 inches was a bit big. I'm thinking about 6 inches would be a good size for string lights, 8 inches for a garland.

I also started a Japanese kusudama. It's actually a lot easier than I thought, though time consuming. Using this tutorial, I again used 4 inch squares and made one complete flower before calling it a night. I think it's really pretty and I like that there can be little variations.

This is what one petal (one 4-inch  paper square) looks like.

And this is what five taped together look like.

Now to do the other 55 petals.

.......I'll let you know when I manage to finish that.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Getting bigger and bigger

Yes, she is. Check this out. I'm so excited!

Baby gates

Doug and I bought a play yard when we installed our pellet stove so Keira wouldn't get burned. Since a few people have been asking about them, I thought I'd do a post about the one we have & love.

The one we love is North States SuperYard 3 in 1 Metal Gate. I can't even begin to say how much I love this thing. It works awesome. And it's not nearly as expensive as some of the comparable ones out there.

It's metal so we don't have to worry about the heat from the pellet stove causing any fires/burns/etc. It's super easy to open, even one-handed. Just push the button, lift up the gate a little and pull towards you. That's it.

If you open all the way, it will stay open. If you don't it will swing itself closed and latch on it's own. Which is fantastic. The only drawback that we have found is the actual width of the walk-through. It's 14". Doug & I aren't large people so it's not that big a deal (though Doug would have preferred it to be wider). Just an FYI, it is pretty much impossible to find that measurement before purchasing. We tried. And tried. And let me tell you, the only #'s I found were from a review of doorway gates that measured 17" & 19". Not much difference.

 I also love how easy it is to adjust the shape. There are tightening handles (?) on each joint (and it does show which direction to tighten & loosen right on it). You just loosen it up, move it to where you want it and tighten it back up. That's it. You'll notice I shaped ours so that even if she sticks her arms through the bars, she can't reach. During the holidays, I opened it up so that we could put our tree behind it as well. Click here to see.

I also like that you can undo the joints completely (and easily) if you want the gate in a different spot. I did it because Doug didn't like where the gate lined up in front of the entertainment center. he wanted it more in front of the stove instead. I undid a few of the joints and within 20 minutes it was all set.

I would also like to point out that it does have brackets to fasten to the wall. We didn't. I shook the bejeezus out of it and whether it's the fact that it just seems really stable/sturdy or the shape we have it in makes it that way, it wasn't going anywhere. And I do check it periodically, just to make sure.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

It snowed yesterday. A lot.

Yep, she's already that neighbor.

Today, we went to my mom's house to work on birthday stuff. They had a bit more than us.

11 Months

Well, we've made it 11 months and we're all still alive. Whoo! One more month to go and Keira will be a year old and officially a toddler. How the time flies. Now if only she'd walk.

We've been spending a good amount of time at getting things done around the house. Mainly the office and my studio (finally). Doug moved out some furniture that was too heavy for me so now I have the entire room to spread out my nice new backdrops. Unfortunately, some of the stuff migrated to the office so now I have more to do in there, but it's at least not as bad as it once was. And no, I won't be sharing that picture until it's done. I'm saving it for a before and after post for full effect.

We've also been doing a bunch of stuff for Keira's party. Sorry, you'll have to wait until after arch 3rd to see those. I'm crafty like that. I hoard my ideas. Well, sorta. If you're not on Pinterest. Anyhoo, let's see what we have for pictures.

Keira is becoming a pro at giving kisses.

The other day, I dug this ball out and she is in love with it.

She's taken to sleeping on her belly on ocassion. I love that butt in the air.

On our way to Grandma's house (I think. Could have been anywhere, really)

I love this one. My mom took this picture. Yep, that's my crazy little beast screeching at her grandmother.

And how precious is this?

Baby hugs. It doesn't get any sweeter.

Auntie Heidi was having spaghetti for lunch. She just didn't know she was sharing.

And in true scavenger fashion, she moved on from Auntie's dinner to Abby's dessert.

True to her troublemaker name, she figured out how to turn the humidifier on and off (I really must start putting away our laundry after she goes to bed).

She also finally realized there is another cabinet in the bathroom....

 and a hamper...with a box to weigh down the lid.

She does love her spaghetti. And screeching. I can't wait for her to outgrow that. I really can't.

She's been doing more standing on her own....
and pointing.

 In fact, now she makes laps around her activity table.

Feel free to enjoy yet another of her many expressions: the arched eyebrow.

See that hair? It takes toast and oatmeal to get a lift that good. You have to be committed to looking good.

 One of my favorite moments. Asleep. It's pretty much the only time I can cuddle her.

I know those moments will become fewer and fewer as time goes on. Keira took a couple steps today. Only two. A few nights ago, she took one. Before long, she'll be running through the house and I'll have to tell her to knock it off because she sounds like a herd of elephants. Such fun awaits.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Since the last post...

This past weekend we went to great-grandma's for some party planning. Auntie Melanie & Abby came by as well. Keira adores Abby. If Abby is doing something, Keira wants to get in on it. Even sitting on great-grandma's lap.

And we had spaghetti for lunch. I love when we have spaghetti for lunch. Mainly because I get to see this.

And NEWS OF THE DAY: She stands!! Ok, so she's been standing since last Thursday, about a half dozen times. The problem is that as soon as she realizes that she's standing, she sits. Makes getting a picture very difficult. Have no fear. I got it. I distracted her into clapping. I'm such an evil mommy :) But look how cute she is!

Friday, January 13, 2012


I've haven't been doing as much as I should with my photography. Between all the usual housework, going paperless and planning Keira's first birthday party, I've let it get kind of sidetracked. But hey, I think all of us surviving the first year is pretty deserving of a party. And you know, it's gonna be pretty. :)

Anyway, I found this bow holder idea on Pinterest and since I have a ton of bows, I decided to go with it (with some help from my mom). And for being so simple, it works awesome. Check it out. I mounted it on the inside of the closet door with 3M adhesive tabs (of course).

I love being able to see all the bows that I have and they're not being crushed under each other. Now I need to figure out something for the headbands that go with them. This is what they look like currently.

Not bad considering they're just headbands, but I would like something a bit better. The 6-inch headbands that double as infant shirts will stay stacked since they are big enough.

 I did find a way to organize the necklaces & such. I've only got the beads on at the moment. I need to find hooks to hang the lei's and boa's, then those will be hung as well.

I've got the pettiskirts and tutu's all set, and the wigs are hung up on the other side as well. Not the neatest, but it works well.

And when it all gets put together,