Monday, December 26, 2011


Keira decided to get up really early Christmas morning, 4am. After an hour of trying to rock her back to sleep, I gave up and we came downstairs to play. After another hour, I tried rocking her again and she finally fell back asleep. Since it was already 6, I wrapped her in her blankets and we stayed curled up in front of the pellet stove.

Soon enough, she was up for the day and we got ready for company. We had my family over for brunch. I made a few things and my mother and grandmother brought some as well. Everything was delicious and Keira ate in her new chair again.

We even got a bit of morning snow for Christmas. It only flurried for a few minutes and then it melted away, but it was really pretty.

Then we got to the dirty business of opening presents. It took a little bit but Keira got the idea of tearing the wrapping. Unfortunately, she didn't get the concept that it wasn't for eating so we had to be on our toes that she didn't swallow any. She's quick.

Since most babies are terrified of Santa (and with good reason) and my dad is growing out his beard, my parent decided that they would turn my dad into Santa via a slow transformation through the morning. They started by him coming in wearing just the hat. She definitely eyed it for a while, but after a bit decided it was still Papa.

Then we watched him put the rest of the suit on and she seemed ok with it.

 We had Abby sit in his lap his first. Well, seeing as how she adores Abby, she had to sit in his lap with her.

Then we had some more fun playing before she went down for her nap.

 We even watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas. She bobbed to the opening music...

then she lost interest.

After her nap, we went to Doug's brother & sister-in-law's home to visit with his family. Such a pretty tree.

She was getting pretty good at tearing the paper by then. Still trying to eat it though.

 She got to spend time playing with her aunts, uncles & cousins and we all had a great time and great food.

 We had made footprint ornaments as gifts for Memere and Brittany and both loved them (sorry about the blurry pic). Now that Christmas has passed, I can post pictures of the ornaments.

Thank you everyone for such a great day. Hope everyone else had as good a holiday as we did.