Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Video testing

So I'm trying out a new video host and hoping this works. If so, yay! If not, I'll be sticking with youtube. Cross your fingers, I'm going to use both in this post and see what happens.

9 Months Old

Let's face it. We all know the reason you read my blog is to see Keira in all her cuteness. She's 9 months old todaySince she decided that my little camera with the video capabilities would make the perfect thing to chomp and drool into and managed to kill the speaker/mic, I decided it was time to see if my cell phone videos could be uploaded to Youtube. I wasn't sure because when I copied them onto my computer, they won't play. I have no ambition to try to figure out why because Youtube worked. Yay. So for your viewing pleasure.

Gentle is going to be a very difficult lesson.

Same old, same old

I'm been busy, but once again, it's the usual mundane stuff: paperwork, cleaning, more babyproofing.

Who designs baby locks? Seriously. This is lock #4. The first 2 wouldn't fit because the knobs were too far apart for the lock to reach. The third, well, Doug & I could barely open it while in our hands so there was no way we'd be able to open it with it on the doors. Lock #4 works great and is easy enough for us to open. However, the sticky backing to attach it to the cabinet? Yeah, it came right off the lock when I tried to peel the paper off to stick it on. 3M tabs to the rescue.

It came in a 2 pack so the bathroom cabinet is all set now as well and we no longer have to keep the door closed.

Like the rest of the hallway.

We've yet to decide on stair gates so for now, the Pack N'Play works good.
I also used the felt sticky feet on a couple cabinet doors and drawers to protect little fingers from getting smooshed.

I've also been knitting a scarf for a friend. I hadn't used needles this big before. For that matter, yarn this thick either. There was a bit of troubleshooting (and a bit of help from Grandma) but I'm really happy with the way it's coming out. The yarn is nice and soft and smooshy. I hope she likes it as much as I do.

And once again, catching up on the Challenge

Yeah, I'm so not good at this double posting.

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