Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baby Love

Yesterday, someone I know asked a question. "Do you think our babies feel how much we love them?"

My friend, Jayne, gave this response (re-posted with her permission).

"I definitely think they know love.  I don't think it is how we know love, I think it is better.  They know love without sadness, without distrust, without betrayal.  There are times when I catch my son's eye and he gives me a smile like no other or I see him giving my husband a smile like they just shared an inside joke.  There are times when he is crying and he doesn't want anyone but me, in that moment, when he reaches for me and then quiets softly into my arms, he knows love.  His love equates more to comfort, security, relief.  His love is a moment of silence together in which he is able to fall asleep in my arms.  It is complete and utter trust in me and faith that I will protect him.  Yes, he definitely knows what love is."

Absolutely beautiful. I couldn't help but share this with everyone.

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 16 - Everday Life

It doesn't get anymore 'everyday' than this. Diapers to be stuffed, toys played with, blankets for snuggling. I love my everyday life.