Sunday, December 18, 2011

Out to lunch

(Apologies for the low quality of pics. I only had my phone with me that day.)

Friday we spent the day with Grandma, Great-grandma & Auntie. Great Grandma has a fish tank that has glass fish. One of Abby's Aunt's sent it to her years ago. Keira likes to check it out now & then.

 She especially loves when we turn the light on.

We went to the bank, Wal-mart & to lunch, where Keira got to try out her hook-on seat. Can I just say how awesome this thing is? Seriously. It went on super easy and secure. It let her eat at the table with us. Bonus, we didn't have to worry about the restaurant's high chair or table being dirty. We went to a buffet for lunch. Keira is a spaghetti lover.

Look at that smile. And sauce on her nose.

She also really enjoyed her empty ice cream cone.

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