Saturday, December 10, 2011


My grandmother picked these up the other day and I decided to be the guinea pig and try them out to see if they really are 'so fast & easy'. And yes, I'm that idiot that decides to cook something without checking to see if I have everything. I had promised Doug I'd make him an omelet. I had 5 eggs. So I used 2.
 These are all the pieces, nice & oiled.
 There is absolutely no good way to crack the egg into the Eggie. I wasn't even going to attempt it. It would just end badly. Trust me.

 All closed up and ready to boil.

 I broke one of the yolks getting it into the Eggie.
 And yes, I missed a piece of a shell and it apparently settled to the bottom. They were pretty easy to get out of the plastic. They did need a nudge from a butter knife. If forms a bit of suction so you need to loosen it up but then they come right out.
 Not quite sure how I feel about the shape of them though. Either way, I had my deviled eggs and egg salad sandwich.

While it was nice to not have to deal with a shell, I think they might actually be more work than the traditional method of boiling eggs and peeling, between oiling and washing the pieces not to mention putting them together and whatnot. It definitely took longer.

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