Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another casualty

Keira has left more wounded in her wake. Not too bad, only the front blank pages of a fairy tale book & an old dictionary. There has since been a minor change in baby gate construction.

So far, Keira has no problem with vegetables. She loves broccoli, squash, so far whatever we've given her.

And SUCCESS! She finally held her own bottle and sippy cup and drank from them.

Of course, she also shook the cup all over the place. Note the droplets on her chair as well as her face.

Keira has also discovered how to shut the bathroom door. Since I haven't been to the store to get the next item for babyproofing our home, I improvised. I cut a hole in the box, placed it over the doorknob and Voila! No squished fingers.

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