Monday, November 28, 2011

A Prayer for Daughters

A friend of mine, Heather, recently wrote her hopes for her daughter. I thought it was beautiful and asked her permission to share it with the rest of you. Here it is:

"I pray that I never disappoint her, never let her down.
I pray that she doesn't feel pain because of me.
I pray for the strength to be everything she ever needs.
I pray that she never hurts or wants or needs for anything that I am unable to provide.
I pray she never knows sorrow or heartache but if she should one day I pray I'm here to comfort and hold her until that hurt is gone.
I pray that she never settles for a man who loves her less than her daddy loves her, and that she never doubts his love.
I pray she knows how much happiness she has brought into this world, that it is a better place because of her. 
I pray she never thinks twice about the sacrifices I made to get her here, to keep her here and to make her happy, just that she is those things.
I pray that she makes the right choices in life, that she lives with no regret, that she is a good person.
I pray that her mistakes are small and that they leave nothing but a lesson in their wake.
I pray that no one ever makes her doubt herself or what she is capable of.
I pray she is never belittled, bullied or judged due to her differences or shortcomings but if she is I pray she finds strength to rise above it and be better because of it.
I pray that she find her niche in this world, that she enjoys it, and that she succeeds, whatever success may be to her.
But most of all I pray that one day she can hold her own child tight, and feel love this powerful, this consuming and finally be able to understand how I felt about her."

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