Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Paper Weight

One of the things that will drive me crazy faster than you'd think is someone messing up my desk. Maybe it's a result of being a secretary (excuse me, administrative assistant) for more than a decade. Who knows? Either way, I'm a bit mental about it.

Unfortunately, I have no one else to blame this time. Other than bills, which get paid right away, I've just let everything else pile up. Fliers, credit cards offers, take-out menus, they're all in there and more. All over my desk. So this morning, I put Keira in her playpen, dragged it into the kitchen where we could see each other and tackled my desk.

It went a lot faster than I thought it would. 90% of it went straight into the recycle. It's really amazing how much junk mail we get in a week or so.

And just for fun, Keira has decided to boycott sleep in any form. And she's being uber-clingy. I'm not even going to attempt accomplishing anything else today. We're going to have some snacks & play on the floor.

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