Saturday, November 12, 2011

The ordeal of being a photographer's child.

I wonder if this would be considered abuse. Hmm. Oh well, she's cute.

I had a certain picture in my head, but it's been too cold to be outside naked. And when it was raining, it did cross my mind to open our front door and let her stand there. I kind of like my hardwood floors sans pee though. So near the bathtub it was!

And just because she loves the water....more bath pics! (I don't even want to think about how many bath pics I have of this girl.)

And I am sad to announce that these will be the last of the funky hair pics. She is now scared of the hair dryer. I was hoping that since she was ok with it before, that perhaps it would help with her fear of the vacuum. It seems to have gone the other way around and now she's scared of both.Well, it was fun while it lasted. Her face in this first one just cracks me up. :) (Ignore the laundry. It was clean and put away later.)

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