Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Now that we're current again

I should point out that I have no idea how long being current may last. I have photos to take, editing to do, Keira to hook to a bungee cord, heck, I may even cook tomorrow. Yeah, I know, probably not. Ooh, maybe another casserole. We'll see. I'm doing this post and crashing so I'll have to decide in the morning.

Keira had real potatoes today. She not impressed. Sorry for the brightness.

On a side note, she's getting a lot better with the sippy cup. As long as it doesn't have handles.
Keira and I went for a walk today to get our picture for the photo challenge. The paths have gotten a little overgrown, but super easy to maneuver with Keira in her Ergo.
And yes, I know it's deer season. We took precautions, the first of which was a fluorescent hat. (Thanks again, Papa) (yes, me too) Doesn't she look thrilled?

We did hit a little snafu in the form of risen water. Prior to Keira, I would have just jumped it, but with her attached to me, there wasn't any way I was doing that. It took a few minutes, but we found a way to cross safely (and dryly) in both directions. No point in going over if you can't make it back. As we were only 2 minutes from the place I needed to be for my picture, I was determined to figure it out.

I got the picture I wanted and we headed back. You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see it though since it's for the photo challenge. When the Topic was posted, it was the first thing to come to mind. I then decided, I didn't want to traipse through the woods, having to bundle us up against the cold. I came up with another idea and tried it out. While I still like the idea, the photos just weren't coming out the way I wanted them to. Mainly because of window at a certain time of day. Fine, I'll wait until the sun moves.

Then I realized. I needed to go with my original idea. That was the whole point of the challenge. Well, for me anyway. To get out there and take pictures. So I did. I bundled us up and out we went. I'll admit, I felt a little like Recon. Get in, get the pic, get out. Anyway...this is what you don't wear while walking in the woods. A hat girl, just like her mom. And yes, it's big on her. It's one of my hats. ;)

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