Monday, November 7, 2011

Go me!

I've gotten so much accomplished today. I'm even blogging about it. Whoo! I made phone calls, got appointments scheduled, stuffed diapers, played with Keira, got her down for 2 naps, fed her lunch, which I made. Cause I'm awesome like that.

Ok, I'm done. But seriously, I found a super easy may to make her food from whatever we're eating. We're still working on not choking on stuff so it has to be chopped up really good. Enter my Pampered Chef chopper.

This originally started as a chicken & broccoli with rice dish that I made last night in the crock pot. A piece of chicken with some side and Voila! Baby food. And I saved her puree containers, so I just put the leftovers in one of those and in the fridge for the next meal. She loves feeding herself. Which is great except that it makes feeding her with a spoon a bit of strategic warfare. Sometimes, I'm not quite certain who the victor is.

I also mounted her monitor on the window trim using 3M strips (I really need to buy stock in these things). I used a sawtooth picture hanging one. The tiny hook fit perfectly inside the back of the monitor. I used a second 3M strip on top of the picture hook to keep it from swaying.

Granted, because of the angle, I now have to turn the handheld sideways to see it properly, but that's the least of my concerns. Now she can't reach the wires so that's the important bit.

After her nap, we stuffed diapers. Alright, I stuffed diapers. Keira threw them around. Not exactly helpful, but it kept her happy for a few minutes. 

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