Saturday, October 1, 2011

You know you're a mom...

...when you go into a store while someone waits in the car with your baby and you completely throw off the person in the store with you by going into "get in, get the stuff and get out" mode, making them forget half the stuff they needed. (sorry again, mom)

...when you know your shirt is soggy and you know it's drool, spit up, or who knows what and you aren't all that concerned either way.

...when the highlight of your Saturday night is at 9 pm when you turn on the vacuum and your 7 month old, who is currently petrified of the thing, stays asleep.

...when you look at the clock and get excited when you realize you can be in bed for 10 pm.

...when you get completely flustered and confused trying to get things done with two hands instead of one.

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