Friday, October 7, 2011

Where did the time go?

Keira is 7 and a half months old. It's gone by so bloody fast. It feels like yesterday we were in the hospital. Not even 24 hours old and smiling.
Now look at her.


We spent some time baking at Grandma's (again). We made brownie pops this time to bring to a family dinner (sneak preview, Auntie). They came out so cute. We made pumpkins & flowers and dipped a few in Reese's Pieces. We also discovered the reason we have been having issues with the chocolate. We googled because we couldn't get it thin enough for our liking. Apparently, that's going around. Wilton seems to have changed their recipe and there are a lot of people unhappy about it. But look how yummy these look.

Keira had her first real attempt at using a sippy cup. She checked it out thoroughly but ultimately couldn't get the hang of it (even with my help). We'll keep trying now & then. She has also been trying to figure out the bottle nipple. She usually ends up wearing it.

I once heard someone refer to Gerber Puffs as "baby crack". They weren't kidding. She loves these things. They dissolve so babies can't choke on them and come in a bunch of flavors. So far, Keira has had the banana and peach. And can't get enough.

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