Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trouble with a capital T

Keira is doing her darnedest to either crawl or walk. And not quite doing either. If she has someone's hands, she'll walk a few feet just fine. Crawling? eh. It almost seems like she's trying to combine the two. Here she is in some of her attempts yesterday. (Apologies for the lightening. I was having flash issues.) Please excuse the nekkid. :) Do you see her dilemna?

And it's official. She has her first bruise. Of course on her face, right? You can't see it very good in this pic but it darkened up later on. She managed to faceplant on one of her toys during one of her crawling attempts.

And yet, she had no problem scooting on her butt over to the TV stand. Technically, she's not "mobile". That doesn't seem to be deterring her at all, does it? And I love her expession. Babyproofing, here we come.


  1. I am dying at that nekked baby trying to crawl. Seriously soooooo cute!!!