Saturday, October 1, 2011

To be or not to be...

Yesterday was Keira's first encounter with the hair dryer. I was a little apprehensive because of her current fear of the vacuum. I kept it on low, while she was a little freaked at first, she calmed right down and decided it was worth checking it out. Her hair decided it was going to stand up both on the very top and in the back. Too funny. It mostly settled over night but she still has a tuft in the back that just won't lie down.

Another Keira non-toy. ::sigh:: I'm so not buying this kid any real toys.

Another day at Grandma's. This time to check out Halloween costumes. Grandma loves Halloween and has a ton of costumes saved from all of us over the years. We figured we'd be crazy to buy one. Keira didn't care for being an angel (ha! no big surprise there).

And she was not a happy bunny.

I think we found a winner!

This tiger costume is from when my sisters and I were little. My mom made them back in 1984(ish?). Check out the vintage shot. (I'm on the right)

Just for kicks, we decided to try on Auntie Melanie's old recital dress. It was too big but cute none the less.

Poppa decided to get in on the costume action and have some fun as well. (yes, those are all costumes in the background. I said there was a lot.)

We also found a few new props in storage for photos. Keira was a little freaked out by the giant ornaments. I thought it was odd because she loves mirrors. I'm guessing the distortion of the globe was too much for her. It was cute anyway though.

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