Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sew happy :)

I decided that I was going to use my sewing machine. I inherited from my grandmother after she passed away a couple years ago. I had dusted it off and threaded it but hadn't gotten around to using it yet. Well, I've been seeing a bunch of crafty stuff online and it was the kick in the butt to at least attempt something when Keira went to sleep. (She is currently in my lap as she somehow knows when we have plans the next day and is determined that I am exhausted for them.) Anyhow, the machine is a Morse and a beast. It's all metal and weighs a ton. I can't even lift it. Doug had to put it on the table for me when we brought it home.

I practiced different settings for the stitches and figured out how to lengthen and shorten.

Can you see a problem here? I couldn't understand why the pin wasn't going in. Lo and behold, no point.::sigh::

 Keira has  taken to eating the rice packs I use on my neck. I realized that it would be a good idea for her for teething (since they can go in both the freezer and microwave). I used some bibs that we either don't use anymore or were too small for her.

This bib had two layers so I pinned it together, stitched it up and trimmed it before flipping right side out.

This one only had one layer so I cut off the border before folding in half.

16 Bean Soup. Who knew it had so many uses. :)

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