Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Karma decided to stop by.

And she is not messing around.

Yesterday, I laughed because my friend Kim's daughter, Kelsy (about the same age as Keira) got into Cheerios and made a mess. Click here for the adorable evidence. My comment on Facebook was "Hahaha! Oops. Karma, karma, karma. I'm so screwed." Oh, how little did I know.

About an hour later, Keira crawled (see yesterday's post). Then decided napping was overrated. It took 45 minutes to get her down for her morning nap and let's just say we gave up entirely on the afternoon one. I ended up putting her in baby jail so I could deal with the laundry. This is what I came back to see.

The poor thing was exhausted by the time bedtime rolled around. She did wake a few times during the night, but luckily settled herself back down for most of them. And then this morning happened. Remember those Cheerios I laughed at? In my defense, I'd have laughed even if it was Keira that did it. (Ignore the pellet stove in our kitchen. It should be installed this weekend.)

It's especially wonderful that she doesn't even care that she was 'busted'. (I was watching her the whole time hence the lid in the door so it wouldn't pinch her fingers). No remorse, no uh-oh, just a "Can I help you?" expression when I called her name. I'm in it deep. Laugh it up, Kim. Laugh it up.


  1. Oh my goodness these pictures are so cute!!! I love the tupperware strewn about!!!! Adrian used to do this with his books. What a mess!! Loved seeing this :)
    PS I'm done laughing now.

  2. I told you, once they start, they don't stop. These crazy little babies.