Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Yesterday was spent taking loads of photos. Since I have nothing more going on at the moment to share with you: grab a cup of coffee, a snack and prepare to awwww.

Abby & Keira

This is my sister Melanie (on the right) and I, circa the early 80's (82, maybe?), made by our mom.

 And this is Abby & Keira, wearing the same costumes.

Here are my sisters & I (Melanie on the right, Heidi in the middle, & I'm on the left). I'd say '84-ish. Again made by my mom.

Don't ask which one it is because I have no idea but this is what Keira will be wearing for Trick-or-Treating tonight. (I wonder if I can royalties from Reese's. lol )

 And this is us today, just waiting around until Abby gets out of school so we can go out.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday.

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