Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Favorite

To add a bit of variety to my blog, I've decided Fridays will be designated for posting about some of my favorite things. This week: 3M Adhesive Tabs. I love them. I should buy stock in them. They're that fabulous. I use them for so much stuff it's ridiculous. Check out how much I use them for.

To hold a sheet protector: DIY Dry Erase Calendar

To hold measuring cups inside cabinet doors

To hold oven mitts

Photo Tabs: To hold iPod for easy use in the house

To hang decorations

To hang key rings

Photo tabs for picture hanging

Hang corkboard

Hang a calendar

Hang almost anything

Hanging a coat

Water resistant tabs (for bathroom) to hold utensils next to stove.
They've never come off even with the heat or steam from cooking/boiling.

I've also got them upstairs in our bedroom and Keira's. They hold up hats, jewelry, decorations, a mobile and probably more I just can't think of right now.

And here's some more uses I decided to add photos of. :)

Actual picture hanging hooks used to hold up my picture frame dry-erase board.
 For babyproofing
 More Babyproofing
 Hanging hats
 More decorations
 More hats
 Hold the bulletin board that holds my jewelry. (this is supported at the bottom because it is kind of heavy)
 Thermometer (to make sure her room doesn't get too cold, we use the pellet stove for heat) & camera for baby monitor.
 Mobile in Keira's room.
 Antenna for reception booster.

DISCLAIMER: Please be sure to use 3M tabs as directed properly. They will not stick to every surface, nor will they hold more weight than designed to. And FYI, they will rip the sheetrock and paint off the wall if the item is too heavy. I'm not including that pic. Needless to say, Doug was less than thrilled.

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