Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Favorite - Cloth Diapers

This week's Friday Favorite are Keira's cloth diapers. I love them. I researched while pregnant and happened upon them. Both Doug and I were cloth diapered but back then, they were completely different.

We keep them stacked on a shelf, ready to use. Her cloth wipes and wetbags on the third shelf and pads on the bottom. Her pail is right next to it and even though it's in our living room, there has never been an issue with smell. (I've asked people). The cuteness is ridiculous. She's got owls, stars, camouflage, polka dots, tie-dye, a variety of solid colors and more. Even one with ruffles & lace.

The cloth wipes work awesome. In my opinion, better than the disposable ones. I fold them in half after they've been washed and stack them on the shelf. As needed, I put a few in the case and add some 'solution' (bit of baby wash & water). And they go right in the pail and wash with the diapers.

When we are out of the house, the dirty diapers and wipes are put into a wetbag. We have 2 so that if one is dirty, I don't have to use a grocery or ziploc bag. When we get home, I take them out of the wetbag, put them into the pail with the wetbag. I usually will pull the liner so it sticks out of the wetbag, just to be sure it washes well.

When I put the diapers in the pail, I grab the edge of the insert and pull it out of the shell. Some brands say their insert will agitate out on their own. I'm not sure I believe them, but I'm not really keen on testing the theory myself.

As for washing, it couldn't be simpler. Though it was a little trial and error since we have a front loading washer. I bring the liner downstairs and flip it inside out into the washer so I never actually touch the dirty diapers or wipes. They go through 3 cycles (don't panic, we have a front loading HE washer so it's really not a lot of water used). The first cycle is a cold rinse, no detergent, followed by a hot wash/cold rinse with CD safe detergent (I use liquid Charlie's Soap and so far, I really like it), then one more cold rinse, no detergent. Once the washing is done, the inserts & wipes go into the dryer on high and the shells get hung on the line in our basement.

When they are dry, I bring them upstairs, stuff them and put them on the shelf for easy grabbing. Here's how easy it is to stuff a pocket diaper.

1. Open pocket
 2. Grab insert
 3. Shove insert into diaper
 4. Grab top of diaper and insert. Slide hand out, making sure to smooth insert flat (usually spreading my fingers wide will accomplish this but sometimes I have to lay it down and do it a second time to get it the way I like it).
 5. Diaper is now stuffed
 6. Close/fold and ready for use.

 And here's how they look after I've just put them on the shelf after a wash.

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