Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Favorite - Cloth Diapers Part 3

Why do we cloth diaper? Lots of reasons.

First, the cold hard cash. When I was pregnant, I did the math and depending on when baby were to potty train, we could spend anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 in disposable diapers. (My mother informs me that the price on sposies has gone up twice since then). I never attempted to do the math on wipes. Based on how many Doug uses on that tiny butt, we'd have gone broke on those alone.  Now if you plan on having more than one child? Multiply that. It gets more painful with each child added.

We bought a few different kinds to try them out and see which we preferred to use.  I did like prefolds when she was tiny, but as she got bigger and more wiggly, it became a hassle and I liked the ease of the pockets better. Since we plan on having more kids and wanted these to last Keira through potty training, we bought one-size diapers. Bought once, adjust periodically, save loads of moolah.

Prefolds are the cheapest. I think it was something like $12 for a dozen newborn size and $3/4 per cover. Don't quote me on that though, it was a while ago. Pockets can range from $10-$23 depending on brand. The ones I purchased were usually in the $17/18 range. All-in-ones are the most expensive around $25-ish (maybe up, we didn't use them other then a couple Lil'Joeys).

You can also say a lot by buying used. Some people are not ok with that and that's fine. Cloth diapers also have a great resale value. So when you're little one(s) are totally out of them, sell them and you can get back some of that money. Or if you're generous, gift them to someone else.

How many? That depends on you. I hate having to worry about making sure I have enough diapers to only do wash every other day. Therefore, I have more than I need. It allows me to be lazy on occasion and wash on the third day instead. I've talked to some women who spent around $400 on their stash and I've know some that spent around $1,500.

There's also the environmental concerns. Human waste is not supposed to be put in the landfills. When was the last time you saw someone clean poop out of a sposie before tossing in the trash? Exactly. Also, they take a ridiculous amount of time to break down (I have no idea the exact number). It's the more green thing to do. You can even get organic cloth diapers.

Allergies were a big concern of ours being that they've run in our family. The amount of chemicals in disposable diapers always made me leary. I'd rather my butt be in cloth, why not Keira's? (Ok, yeah, I know, I'm not pooping in my underwear, but you get my point.) I won't say she's never gotten a rash. She has. But I give her a bit of naked time and gone within 2/3 changes. We haven't used creams, though they do make CD safe ones. We just haven't needed to. We did have an issue at one point with slight ammonia burns, but that was a washing issue that we worked through and haven't had that problem since.

Less blowouts. The only times we've had a blowout (read: 1 blowout. ever.) was when Keira was in a diaper too small for her and I didn't realize it. It was a Lil's Joey. They have an extra snap to fold down the front for the umbilical stump. Well, it also bows out when baby gets a little too big. Poo all up in a sleeper is not fun. I learned my lesson and we've not had a blowout since. We do occasionally gets leaks, but that's more user error in that she should have been changed earlier than she was.

I know there are more reasons and I'm probably forgetting them, but either way, I love our cloth diapers and I'm so glad we decided to give it a try.

Besides, who can resist this cuteness. :)

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