Sunday, October 30, 2011

Catching up

Not much has been going on around here. The usual stuff I suppose, cleaning house, paying bills, taking photos. Oh, and retrieving my crawler from EVERYWHERE!

Mobility is so overrated.

Whenever someone would ask me if I was excited or looking forward to Keira crawling, I would always say the same thing.

No. I'm not.

I was quite happy with her non-mobile status. It meant where ever I put her down, odds were really good, 5 seconds later, she'd still be there.

Oh, not now. Oh, no. Now she's all over the place. I expected her to be in the cabinets and going to the TV stand and such. Other than the once at the TV stand and her one time destruction of my once neat tupperware, she has no interest. No, her favorite thing to go after? Shoes, especially the laces. Doug has a fantastic knot in a pair of his sneakers from when I was putting away the laundry. And she found his work boots. sigh.

And to be perfectly honest, while it's annoying, it's not what drives me nuts. No, the fact that she realized she can stand in her crib is what's going to kill me. Instead of fussing for a few minutes and going back to sleep, she's standing up and wide awake, yelling. See? (cell phone pic)

 Anyway, she still hasn't managed to figure out the sippy cup yet unless I'm holding it for her.

She has had her first "cookie". Mum-Mum's. They're basically a rice cake kinda thing. I got her the banana flavor. She seems to like it.  You know, since it was gone in about 3 minutes.

Could I have gotten a happier kid? Seriously?

This next photo was inspired by my friend, Kim's photo of her sleeping daughter here. I kept thinking that I never get any really good ones of Keira sleeping because of her blankets. She's a snuggler and the only way she (or I) get a good night's sleep is if she can cuddle into something. Usually me, but she'll stay asleep with the blankets once she's out. Unfortunately, this usually stops her from getting close to the edge of her crib to stick out any limbs. Until now. She happened to have her feet lower than the blanket on one of her nap and toes stuck out. I got so excited I went straight for my camera.

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