Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yeah, I know...

I didn't put up any pics of Keira yesterday. In apology, close-ups in the previous post for your enjoyment. Today I opened our front door and plopped Keira in front of it for a while.

Yeah, she's totally going to be that neighbor. Nosy, nosy, nosy. :)

She found her feet weeks ago but hasn't ever bothered with her socks. Today she found those too. Even after a bunch of tugging, she didn't get them off.

For the last three days, she has been sticking her tongue out constantly. I'm guessing it's because of her teeth/tooth coming in (hopefully). She also had a fever today. I contribute it to both teeth and shots. She got shots yesterday and is such a trooper. Of course, she cried when she got them but after a couple minutes, she stopped and was fine the rest of the day.This morning she was super clingy. I had to be right next to her, touching her. If I got too far away, she reached out and started to fuss. She got a bit better as the day went on. The tongue sticking out just kills me though. :)

I am in love with my new wireless remote for my camera. It's one of those "How did I ever live without this?" things. It came in the mail yesterday but I put it on the desk and didn't play with it until this morning (talk about willpower, huh? Go me!) I played with it and managed to get a couple cute ones of me & Keira.

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