Friday, September 30, 2011

Settle in and get comfy for this one

I never put Keira in dresses (special occasions aside). Onesies are just so much easier. For some reason lately, I've had a strange urge to put her in a dress. (See consignment score in previous post). So Wednesday she wore a dress.

Since I needed the basket that the diapers were in, I dumped them in Keira's lap figuring she could play with them and they'd keep her occupied for a few minutes. Memere decided to play a game and put them on her head.  She'd put them on and Keira would pull them off. And wait for the next one.

All I can think with this pic is Flying Nun. Anyone Else?

Auntie Danielle got her this hat back when she was born but it was too big for her back then. Fits perfectly now and oh so cute.

Yesterday, she wore legwarmers and a onesie again. I love onesies. I also love legwarmers. Keira's thighs, however, are not quite so fond of them. They are always rolling down to just above her knees. I just love those chunky thighs.

Look at those eyes. Those eyes amaze me everyday. They're so dark and pretty and there's so much going on behind them.

Why do babies always want what isn't a baby toy? Keira has chosen some interesting things to want. Yesterday it was a clothespin (don't worry, I made sure the pinching end wasn't in her mouth) and a step stool. I had to stop myself from laughing when she scooted on her butt and got wedged half under a chair while playing with it. Twice. I love the look of frustration on her face. She slid that thing back & forth for a solid 5 minutes.

Poor Chance is keeping his distance. I don't blame him. I'll elaborate more on that in the next post. I repeat, poor Chance.

She is so close to mobile, it isn't even funny. When she  figures out how to get that foot out from under her, it's all over.

Keira had Gerber Puffs for the first time today. We started with the banana flavor and she took a little bit to get used to grabbing them but before long she managed to get a few in her mouth. She doesn't seem too keen on them, though. Odd because it's the first thing she's eaten and made faces at. Chance thorougly enjoyed the ones she dropped.

We did manage to actually make cake pops while I was at my parents house. Some came out quite nice if I do say so myself. (Some of those are Pina Colada flavored. Feel free to drool.)

Keira also got in some play time with Grandma on her exercise ball. Abby got out of school and they played together for a while. Keira adores playing with Abby. My eardrums, on the other hand, not quite so pleased.

Auntie Melanie brought some shoes home from work. Baby Uggs. So now she's more fashionable than her mom. (I'll be honest, that wasn't hard and she kinda already was.) They're a bit big but they'll be good for keeping little toes warm while we're out and bout this winter.

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