Saturday, September 24, 2011

On the road again...

I've always liked that song. Hm, anyhow....Nothing much was accomplished yesterday. Keira was crazy clingy so we just played most of the day. A bit of laundry & office organizing. I closed the office door and slid her in front of the mirror. It was too funny. (Ignore the wild stacks of papers. That's what I've been working on. I didn't get very far.)

Then she realized the door had hinges and I lost her.
Doug got home from work and played with Keira for a little while. They're so cute together. She's already a Daddy's Girl.

Last night, she actually slept from 8 (I think) to 7. Technically, she slept through the night (Yay!) but she was restless so I don't think either of us got much in the way of actual rest. Doug slept like a rock as always. I have a few choice phrases for that but I'll be nice. For now.

This morning we got a leaking tire replaced. While they were working on it, we checked out some animals at Petco. No interest in the fish, but she eyed the birds and the guinea pigs. We went to Christmas Tree shops next and found a couple things. After we were done there, they were done with the car so off we went. We went to visit Auntie Melanie at work for clothes. We were in the store 3 minutes and the fire alarm went off. While waiting outside, Auntie got to show Keira off to her coworkers. It didn't take long and we were able to go back inside and finish shopping. I love consignments. Serious score. 6 short sleeve onesies, 5 long sleeve onesies & 3 dresses. All for $21.91. Go me. And they are all so cute! I can't wait to put them on her. I still can't believe she's already out of 9 months clothes.

Keira also starting pulling herself from sitting to standing. She's still wobbly but she's getting there. It won't be long before she's cruising around. I decided to put real shoes on her today. And I was reminded of why I always said not until walking. Those buggers hurt. A lot. We also managed to stop by Grandma's house for a few minutes before heading home where someone had some naked time before bed.

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