Saturday, September 10, 2011

I should be sleeping

I should. I really should. We had a great time last night with some friends. We had some snacks and drinks, played cards and just enjoyed each others company. They were all able to see Keira awake for a little while before bedtime (which went remarkably easy). She ended up staying asleep, which was great. Until 5 am. Then she was up. We had gone to bed at 2. Yup, I got 3 hours of sleep. I felt like CRAP! I so should have known better, but I had a few drinks and even though I was no where near drunk, I still felt off because of how little sleep I got. Luckily Keira went back to sleep after a bottle. I didn't have it in me to attempt putting her back in her crib so I just curled up with her in the recliner.

After we finally got up for the day, I cleaned both bedrooms (mainly just laundry), did some paperwork and paid a couple bills. Doug spent the day working in the woodshop with his nephew, then they went to get his girlfriend and we all had dinner. Or rather they had dinner while I put Keira to sleep, then I had dinner. Banged out the dishes and now I'm having a snack, then going to bed.

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