Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another day

Last night I went though some of Keira's clothes. I can't believe she is almost out of the 9 months sizes already. She'll only be 7 month next week. I really wish there was some sort of universal sizing. This turtle t-shirt was labeled 0-3 while these ducky pajamas were tagged as 12 months. Lies! All lies! And while those jammies are cute as all get out, they make her look huge.

While I was going through her clothes, she decided she was going to test out her pulling up skills. I'm happy to report, she has none. Though she did succeed in pulling just enough for her butt to slide closer to the drawer. After a couple attempts, she decided she'd rather just eat the drawer instead.

Today we managed to get a several things crossed off the To-do list. We went to my parent's house and managed to get a few more things done there as well. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get a few more done. I love crossing stuff off the list. It's a nice feeling of accomplishment. I even got a couple of Doug's to-do's taken care of.

We still try to keep Keira from grabbing Chance's fur but they got up close and personal today for a minute or two. I don't think she knew quite what to make of him.


My niece, Abby came over and played with Keira for a little while. They are so cute together. You can totally see how much they love each other.


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  1. Oh my goodness those pics of her in the too small clothes are too cute!! I might just have to snag that idea. I'm so glad you shared your blog with the TB world!