Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another day, another pile of diapers

There are some nights that Keira barely moves from where I've put here down. Last night was not one of those nights.

She's getting closer and closer to being mobile. She's started to really reach for stuff. She even gets on one knee to lean for them. Lord help us.

I love when she sneezes. She sneezes (on average) 2-3 times in a row. And she smiles after each sneeze. It's so friggin cute.

We're always more productive when we get dressed so I put her one of her new consignment finds.

She's definitely Mommy's Little Monster. See?

Memere came by for a visit this morning as well. We're so lucky that we have so much family so close by. And that we get along with all of them. That in itself is actually amazing.
And now for amusement: my poor shower curtain, which will never be the same. She does this every time she is in reach of it.

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