Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yep. Not even 10 pm and I've soothed Keira 4 times. If this tooth doesn't break through soon, I may go in after it. The heck with TGIF. Thank God tomorrow is Thursday and we're going to Grandma's. I was going to do some baking but I think a nap is in order first. I got most of our stuff ready to go in regards to the diaper bag so it should make the morning easier.

On Monday, Keira's pediatrician told me that it was ok to give her puffs so that she can develop her pincer grasp. I don't think we have a problem with that, do you?

Wednesday is the day that we change and wash the bed sheets. Ha! I love how everything is 'we' now. Keira always loves being on our bed and today was no different. She had fun helping me put the clean linens back on. Sorta. She had fun anyway. (Please ignore the tank top & pajama pants. The clothes got washed after the sheets.) I did have to move her to the floor to finish but she enjoyed plying with the handles on my dresser while I put the comforter back on.

I think it's also time to make a few changes around the house. The power strip is coming off the wall and we'll be getting a charging station for above the counter. I have to find one that will hold both of our phones & bluetooths. And yes, she did end up getting the cord. Luckily, my phone is pretty resilient.

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