Monday, August 29, 2011


The mail came! The mail came! ....wait. That sounds kinda pathetic! Oh, who cares? The mail came! I finally got my order from online and I am so excited! I had just put Keira to sleep for her nap when the UPS driver came. I had completely forgotten about my order so when he stopped in front of my house, I was confused. I thought maybe Doug had ordered something. Then I looked at the label and got all giddy. Pettiskirts, flower headbands, tutus and boas! Yay!! (Yes, pathetic, I know) I told myself I wouldn't open the box until after I finished cleaning. I showed incredible restraint in that I really didn't. I'm so proud of me. Doug came home right as I finished, which was also moments after Keira woke up. He held her while I dug in. I showed him a few of the items and had to explain exactly what a pettiskirt was, though he did already know what a petticoat was (some of that wedding info must have stuck, ha).

I was planning on going shopping tomorrow but now I'm really going to have to push myself to go. I can't wait to get Keira all dressed up and take more pics!

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