Monday, August 29, 2011

This. Sucks.

A while ago the hard drive in Doug's laptop fried. One of his friends knows computers so he was fixed it for us. We've had it back for a week or two. I haven't even had a chance to get any programs loaded back in yet and what happens? Mine decides it's going to bite it. W.T.F. Seriously?!

I'm just happy I could start it in Safe Mode and save my pics & documents. I managed to get them onto my flash drive and now I'm transferring them to disc and uploading as we speak, using Doug's laptop. Talk about a pain. I think I really have to rethink this backing issue that I have. I'm going to put a monthly appointment in my calendar to back stuff up. I think from now on, though, I'm going to back up pics to my Smugmug site. I have totally unlimited storage, so why not right? And that way, if our computers keep frying, at least my pics will be safe. It still sucks. I was able to restart my computer and now it seems to be working ok, but who knows for how long. Ugh.

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