Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Keira decided we didn't need to sleep last night. She started to do down about 8, then woke up and wouldn't go back down until almost 10. I finally got her to sleep after 3/4 tries somewhere between 10 & 11 (it's all kind of a blur at this point). She fussed sometime around 2:30 (I think) and I got up and soothed her back to sleep after a couple minutes. Then about 4:30/5, she wailed. Wonderful. Wide awake. Ugh. We went downstairs as Doug was heading off to work and I gave her a bottle. She went back out around 6. And decided we should get up at 7:15 for the day. Shoot me.

My mother-in-law came over and she brought our nephew who just had LASIK. They told me I could take a nap, but I've never been able to. Not without feeling worse afterwards, anyway. I appreciate them coming over though. I like having visitors. It helps me not go nuts some days. I definitely need adult conversation now and then.

Afterwards, I set up Keira's room to take some pictures. I got a couple decent ones, but I think we're both too tired for too much effort.

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