Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mesh feeder success!

Yesterday was my niece's 8th birthday party. It rained in the morning but only for a short time and afterward, the sun was shining but the temperature was nice and cool We relaxed, had good food and enjoyed seeing everyone. My aunts & uncles were there and got to meet Keira. Of course, everyone loved her and can't get over how big she is already (I can't either most days). My dad set up the Johnny Jump-up (which Keira is all about) so that she could jump and still be around everyone. He also had to put the straw hat on her. She didn't seem to mind one bit.

We decided to try her mesh feeder for the first time and I had my mom freeze some fruit. We did peaches. Or nectarines. I'm still not positive what it was, but I had read that while bananas are a hit, you'll never get them totally clean after so I decided to skip them for now. She. Loved. It. I wasn't sure if she would figure out how to hold it so she could eat it, but oh yeah, she was all over it. And it washed super easy so yay for that.

Doug is away fishing with my Dad in his boat today so it is just me & Keira all day. We will spend it in our pajamas, cleaning the house, doing paperwork and sorting through more junk. Or maybe we'll try to at least get the laundry put away. :) We'll see.

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