Friday, August 26, 2011

Growing up so fast!

Today Keira starting "talking". Legit syllables. Mainly "ba" and "ma" but identifiable, not the squawks that she usually comes out with. I can't believe she's a step closer to talking! She's growing up so fast. Here's a video I got of her yelling at us. I don't know what we did or didn't do but she was giving us hell for something. (Yes, I know she isn't strapped in. Doug was sitting right next to her, just out of camera range on the left.) It's so exciting to see this little person that we made growing up and learning to do things. I may change my mind when she starts walking, but for now, I'm loving it.

We also started watching the Baby Signing Time DVD (#1). She loves it. LOVES it. I was so surprised. Seriously, she had no interest in Baby Einsteins at all. And I tried 4 different ones. I think she likes Baby Signing Time because it shows other babies/toddlers. She adores looking in the mirror or at pictures so I imagine this is like a live picture to we will be watching that more often now. Probably everyday and I will "help" her do the signs as we watch. I have to remember to use sign more often just around the house so that she gets more familiar with it and hopefully one day, does it back. It will be much easier to sign with her now that I'm not trying to hold her head/body up as much as when she was tiny.

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