Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Errands, Errands, Errands

I'm sitting in my couch, typing this post one-handed because K is slowly falling asleep in my other hand. I'm waiting for her to go down for her breakfast nap so that I can get a few things ready for us to run errands today. We have to go to the post office, the bank (just drive-through, thankfully), then get groceries for K's after-Baptism dinner. My mom is making some stuff and so is my mother-in-law so it makes it easier on me.

The weather is lousy today so I'm considering dropping K off at my mother-in-law's to run all my errands this afternoon. I never thought I'd be a mom that got anxiety over leaving my baby with a sitter (family/trusted friend) and initially, I wasn't. She seems to have grown on me and I'm feeling pretty attached. I'm sure once I get going, I'll be fine. K's a pretty easy going baby so I know she won't mind being with her Memere for a few hours. And she's out, so time to get moving.

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