Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baby Gear: Post 4 - Carriers

Otherwise known as the many ways to haul around your kid. Almost as bad as strollers because there are so many options, but easier in that they are very different from each other. Let me first start by listing the different kind. There are soft-structured carriers (Bjorn, Ergo, Mei Tais, Becco's), wraps (Moby, Vatanai, Didymos), slings (ring or otherwise) (sorry, I'm not a fan so I can't recall any brands), pouches (again, not a fan), and framed (Kelty, Dueter). We already own a Kelty framed carrier. D found it at a yard sale for a great buy and surprised me with it. Unfortunately we won't be able to use it until she is much bigger.

While looking at strollers at Magic Beans, we took a look at a couple of the carriers they had in stock. I definitely liked that they keep a few out in a basket under the stock so that you can try them out before you buy them. D even put on the Beco and Ergo and offered criticism. Since him wearing it is one of my concerns, I want him to be happy with the carrier we choose. I also want other people to be able to wear her if they want to. That means I will need a carrier that is easy to adjust and has clips.

D's cousin has a Vatanai wrap, which I love the look of. Another forum member told me she loved hers as well. There's only 1 or 2 places where I can get one so waiting until my shower and registering for one is not worth the trouble. Plus I want to practice with it before baby comes. So I ordered two woven wraps, a Vatanai & a Neobulle. The Vatanai is from Czech and the Neobulle from France. They are both beautiful and pretty soft already, so the fact that they will soften with further use is another plus.

They came in last week so I used my 30-pound niece last week to try a rucksack carry with the Vat. Since she is able to follow direction, I cheated a bit by having her stand on the couch and I sat in front of her (instead of swinging her around onto my back, like I will have to with my little one). It went pretty well considering it was my first attempt with a live child. I had attempted it with a doll, but it seemed more difficult with plastic legs that didn't bend. I am going to attempt a couple different front carries with a stuffed animal this week so we'll see how that works, but so far, I am loving my wraps. I wonder who I can convince to try them out as well.

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